Fund Your Dream

Fund Your Dream

“I really wanted to go on a study abroad to Ecuador. I’m barely making ends meet with tuition and rent and everything. I’ve worked as many as four jobs during a semester and have had to cancel two previous study abroad applications because of a lack of funds; the gap between paying for school and a study abroad was just too wide. However, on my third attempt, which was going down a similar path, everything changed with the news I had received a Global Opportunity Scholarship.

—Sydney Jensen, Linguistics

Sydney’s experience may be similar to that of many BYU students who find themselves with a desire to enrich their education through experiential international learning opportunities but can’t take advantage of the prospect because of a lack of funds. 

An important part of a BYU education involves academic experiences around the world. Students gain experience in a truly global classroom through BYU international programs, including internships, study abroad, field school, and direct enrollment. The Global Opportunity Scholarship was crafted with Provo Parity in mind—that is, the idea that with this scholarship, an academic program abroad shouldn’t cost more than a semester on campus. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide just enough funding assistance and an opportunity for students who, after doing all they can do for themselves, need a little more help to have an educational experience abroad. We call it the “scholarship of last resort.” Financial situations vary, of course, but with your preparation, some sacrifice, and a deep commitment toward having an international education experience—this scholarship can make the difference for students like you.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for this scholarship, you must be a BYU student from any major, (including international and married students), who is participating in a BYU international program through the Kennedy Center, and who has no previous international academic experience.

Application Process

• Students are nominated by the director of their international program.
• Students are contacted directly by the Kennedy Center to complete an online application.
• This application includes basic personal information, a personal statement, other funding sources sought, and a detailed program budget.
• Students are then called for an in-person interview to discuss their application.
• Once all interviews have been conducted, the scholarship committee convenes and discusses individual applications.
• All applicants are then notified whether or not they received the scholarship.


Fall 2019

Monday, 24 June—Application opens
Friday, 19 July—Application closes
Friday, 26 July—Final decision and announcements to students
Friday, 9 August—Orientation
Friday, 16 August—Deposit scholarship into student account (once survey completed)

Winter 2020

Monday, 12 August—Application opens
Friday, 18 October—Application closes
Friday, 1 November—Final decision and announcements to students
Thursday, 14 November—Orientation
Friday, 29 November—Deposit scholarship into student account (once survey completed)

Spring 2020

Monday, 2 December—Application opens
Friday, 24 January—Application closes
Friday, 21 February—Final decision and announcements to students
Thursday, 5 March—Orientation
Wednesday, 27 March—Deposit scholarship into student account (once survey completed)

Summer 2020

Monday, 2 December—Application opens
Friday, 6 March—Application closes
Friday, 10 April—Final decision and announcements to students
Thursday, 16 April—Orientation
Friday, 1 May—Deposit scholarship into student account (once survey completed)