BYUMUN30 High School Conference

For thirty years, BYUMUN has been Utah’s premier high school Model United Nations learning conference. Delegates develop professional writing skills by drafting resolutions, improve speaking abilities by persuading their peers, and practice networking skills as they make deals by the drinking fountain.

Dates and Deadlines

Priority Registration: 13 Sep | Final Registration: 1 Nov | Conference Date: 8 Nov
Schools registered before 13 September will receive first priority for country assignments.


Executive Director: Marie Kulbeth
Managing Director: Olivia Whiteley

  • 1. Ensuring STEM Education is Accessible to Young Women in Developing Countries

    2. Involving Women in the Implementation of Worldwide Sustainable Maternal Health Practices

    Director: Kelsey Eyre
  • 1. Addressing the Use of Lethal Autonomous Weapons

    2. Biological Weapon Nonproliferation

    Director: Max Collins
  • 1. Strengthening International Cooperation in Outer Space to Ensure Peace and Security

    2. Advancing Equality and Transparency in UN Peacekeeping Operations and Special Political Missions

    Director: Cristiana Farnsworth
  • 1. Addressing Conflict in Eastern Ukraine

    2. Evaluating Anti-Corruption Measures in Association States

    Model European Union
    Director: Aidan Houston
  • 1. Mejorar la Infraestructura para la Sanitación del Agua en las Américas

    2. Ayudar a los Venezolanos, quien se han Quedado en Venezuela, Conseguir Todos los Provisiones Necesarios Durante este Crisis

    Director: Isabella Errigo
  • 1. Addressing Cybersecurity in Elections and Infrastructure Sabotage

    2. Combating the Financing of Terrorism through Nonprofit Organizations

    Director: Gracia Lee
  • 1. Restructuring Industrial Systems to Create a Green Economy

    2. Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change in Least-Developed Countries

    Director: Robbie Lindsay
  • 1. Providing Infrastructure Support for Syria and the Return of Refugees to Syria

    2. Ensuring Suitable Living Standards in Refugee Camps

    Director: Joshua Brown